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Poisoned Love (Hindi Dubbed)

  • Series Name: Ta he ta de lian ai ju ben (Season 1)
  • Mydramalist Ratings: 8.1/10
  • Stars: Ruipeng Ao, Mengwei Ma
  • Genres: Drama | C-Drama .
  • Quality: 1080p / 720p / 480p [HD]
  • Language: Hindi Dub (ORG)
  • S01 Chinese Drama Series (In Hindi )
  • Poisoned Love S01 Chinese Drama Series (In Hindi )
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Poisoned Love ( 恋爱吧,食梦君!/Lian ai ba shi meng jun!) is a 2020 Chinese television series ,
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Poisoned Love S01 [Hindi Dubbed]
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Poisoned Love (Season 1) (Hindi Dubbed) – Storyline :

Young and talented voice actress, but mentally scarred, Feng Yan meets film producer, Shi Meng. He is able to help with her healing, but his brother, Shi Yi, takes over this role by mistake.

Poisoned Love Season 1 2020 (Hindi Dubbed) Chinese Series Review: 

I feel like a 8.5 for this show is pretty acceptable. Like it wasn’t over the top but it wasn’t crap. Lol.

It starts off with a girl that has a traumatic past that goes through something mentally and it sucks because she doesn’t know what she needs to do or how to help it in any way. You have a business man that really just minds his own, has a funny assistant, has a strained relationship with his brother and all in all, this show is like What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim but like…not as dramatic honestly. Lol. The two cross each other because of fate really and the rest is kind of history. The perks of this show is the female lead is sweet and adorable, hard working and understanding. The male lead tries to be aggressive and mean but he’s really sweet, has a soft spot for the FL and even when he’s trying to be tough, he cares for her and I love that for them. LMAO. At first things are a little put off because of misunderstanding and your average bickering but the chemistry they had and evolved into was wonderful and the kisses were…*chefs kiss*; also the side stories, not even bad. I also LOVE that the girl that had a crush on the ML didn’t come and try to be a home wrecker lol love when it’s not toxic.

The acting was great! I personally have never seen the main leads in any shows but they did fantastic and I like that they clicked together. I liked the brother a lot more in Girlfriend because he wasn’t a jerk but he played a good actor because you couldn’t tell who he was actually helping. I also liked the best friend, she was great in Go Go Squid, great in this show too. So all in all, I liked everyone and everything.

The music was sooo nice. Like so nice. I really liked that they timed the instrumentals perfectly; it’s a rare occurrence for that.

You know what? I rarely rewatch shows, but I think I just might. They were honestly so sweet together, had great kisses, were not toxic at all and they really were just trying to do what they need to do for each other and I dig that. So overall, a great show. A fluffy kind of show with a cliche storyline but you know what I say, old but gold in my book.

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